About Us

We at Globalpaymentterminal.com provide platform to our clients through which they can effectively make payment through debit, credit or FTB card. Furthermore, our organization also provides loans to small as well as medium firms. This process has helped many organizations in the past to overcome untimely bankruptcy.

Our aim

Various kinds of services are offered by us for making the payment process successful. Some of which are as follows:

Online payment gateways – We provide various online gateways for making the payment process easy and comfortable. Our customers can make their payments with the help of their credit and debit card. By providing various certified payment gateways, we also ensure our customers about the safety during payment processes.

Card machine – Our card machine uses only customer’s card for making the payments. We provide payment machines with full security and reduce the chances of scam during payment process. Card machine can be used in any building because our customer can connect it with the help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. We also provide the service of GPRS mode in our card machine so that the customers can make their desirable payment with the help of their phone.

Payment by phone and mail-Our customers can also make their payment through phone and mail order via. phone, laptop and tablet. If the customer wants to make the payment by their phone and mail then they can log in from anywhere. We also provide the option of multiple payment processes on our web portal. We also verify the card to prevent the chances of fraud. We ensure our customers that they use the best and secure portal for completing their payment processes.